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Office 365 deactivation notices – Fake

July 10th, 2017 by EKG Networking

Happy Monday.

And today another fake email to get in the way of productivity.

This is a quick one to ignore.

When you see an email saying it is coming from Microsoft Office 365 note the return email address.

It will obviously not be

The body will say something like:

  • A Request to deactivate your Mailbox (Mailbox name here) was made and this request will be processed shortly.
  • Sorry, we couldn’t validate your Office 365 subscription, so most features in your email have been disabled.
  • Please note that starting from July 10, 2017 we will be introducing new online authentication procedures in order to protect the private information of all Microsft-Account users.

All of these are fake emails designed to get you to click on the link and provide information to bad people.

Thanks to all who have let us know about them and NOT clicked. to AOL email transition – Started February 2017

March 24th, 2017 by EKG Networking

We have had a few customers ask us about this recently as they have received emails from Verizon.

This is actually happening.  If you have a email address.  Starting February 2017 you will receive a notice from Verizon that your email will be transitioning to AOL.

NOTE:  Please be careful with the email, make sure it’s from Verizon and call Verizon directly if you have any concerns or questions about switching.  Scams will start up from this because people will be expecting the email.

Below is information on how the process will work.  Yes, you can keep your email address.  Since Verizon purchased AOL they want to focus more on TV, Phone and Internet and not on the email side.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Happy Friday!

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