Apple iOS hacks – What to worry about, ATT Software Unlock – only if you subscribed to this service

September 21st, 2015 by EKG Networking

Monday morning September 21, 2015 and there are new things to pay attention to.

First the Apple iOS hack:  You only need to worry if you installed any of the listed applications.  Basically what allegedly happened is some hackers created a version of Xcode (software developers used for Apple products) and uploaded it.  Other developers then created real apps using this hacked code which managed to make its way through the Apple Store onto devices.  Please review the list, if you have any of the listed apps, uninstall them and then change your apple id password after.

Second ATT software unlock:  This one only applies if you have unlocked your ATT phone using a software service.  Three employees of AT&T are alleged to have been paid to install software on AT&T’s network which allowed another company to unlock phones from people who subscribed to their service.

For more information see:

Review your apps and uninstall anything you no longer use.

Happy Monday!

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